Getting Academic Innovations Into the Market

Please listen to this piece for Interactive Health’s To Health With It podcast. After some interviews, I cringe in fear that I’ve missed the mark and failed to argue the point clearly. Most times, I don’t even listen to the produced piece. To be clear, I’m not sure that I was clear here, but I did say what I believe (which is a start): taxpayers deserve dissemination and the marketplace is usually the best avenue. Our failure to commercialize innovations reflects misaligned incentives, not ill motives. If we ultimately want to improve health we must be willing to talk across the table, confront our biases, and place the interests of patients and populations first.


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Putting the cart way before the horse

Read this New York Times piece and replace “app” with “medication.” See the problem?

I understand the intentions here. California has a serious mental health treatment challenge and have a tradition of being a first mover.

But really, we should test the apps (and show they work) before disseminating them!

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It’s been an incredible year, one that I could never have imagined. We’ve accomplished a great deal together: a new brand, industry meeting, podcast, grand rounds series, successful journal migration, and important work to better integrate ethics and diversity into our administrative structures. But I’m most proud of our members’ heightened energy, activation, and commitment to improve the public’s health.

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My SBM Moves

In anticipation of #sbm2018, some colleagues started a fun campaign:

My entry:

And in case you’re wondering, this is a staged reenactment of what is a daily source of excitement for the girls (and a driver of my personal investments in ibuprofen).

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