“Nanny state fascist”

In his News & Observer commentary today, Barry Saunders described my reaction to the NYC soda ban excitement from last week.

BTW, I have an expansive imagination but I can promise you that I never imagined someone comparing [in print, no less] my qualifications to those of Sarah Palin. 

__And now, a disclosure. I love comment sections. I’m a lurker extraordinaire — a long time reader, and never a poster. I highly recommend the comments on Saunders’ piece. These are pure gold. To sum them up, I’m a nanny-state fascist, an egg head, a supporter of increased taxes (not really), and a bundle of fun to live with (totally).

The best comment so far?

The professor may be right as to how to reduce obesity through policy, however, Sarah Palin is right.  We don’t need the government dictating what and how much we eat.

This person has it sorta right. Science and politics don’t need to co-exist. Ask me what the evidence says and my answer may/may not be consistent with: 1) my personal politics, or; 2) what I believe to be politically feasible. But evidence is evidence. One can disagree with its implications, but that doesn’t invalidate the science. I wish that more colleagues felt comfortable entering the public fray, so as to expose our politics to more evidence. Goodness knows we need it.